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Your Student Loan Servicer


Are you new to Edfinancial and wondering who we are? If you have recently received a notification from us, it means that the U.S. Department of Education has selected Edfinancial as the servicer of your federal student loan(s).

Who is Edfinancial?

  • Edfinancial Services was designated by the Department of Education as your loan servicer to help you successfully manage repayment of your federal student loan(s).
  • We are here to answer your questions, help you with repayment plans, and process your student loan payments.
  • We've been in the student loan industry for over 30 years, striving to find a better way every day to deliver exceptional student loan servicing for students and families nationwide.
  • It is our mission to do the right thing for our customers and each other.

Tips to Help you Better Manage your Student Loan Account

  • If you haven’t already, create an online account by visiting Manage My Account (MMA).
  • Visit our welcome page for helpful information specific to the type of loan(s) you have.
  • Payments made within 120 days of disbursement are applied as cancellations.
  • Interest accrues daily on your federal student loans but may be paid by the federal government while you’re in school and during other approved periods.
  • Make it easier for your family member(s) to call in and ask about your loan(s) by filling out an Information Release Form and sending it in to us to make someone an authorized third party for your account - submit your request electronically by logging in to Manage My Account and uploading your documents via our secure process.  
Visit our Welcome page

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Representatives are available Monday 8am - 9pm, Tuesday - Wednesday 8am - 8pm, Thursday - Friday 8am - 6pm Eastern Time