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Important Announcement

Notice for Borrowers on the SAVE plan:  Based upon the timeline for implementation of July 1, 2024 SAVE plan benefits, and the start of annual auto-recertification of IDR plans, some SAVE plan borrowers will likely receive more than one notice from Edfinancial Services about updates to their monthly payment amount and terms of their SAVE plan. For the most up-to-date information regarding your SAVE plan, please log into your Edfinancial account where you can find your correct monthly payment amount and the terms of your plan.

The courts have allowed Federal Student Aid to continue implementing the majority of the provisions of SAVE. Borrowers can continue to enroll in SAVE, other IDR plans, and/or consolidate loans. Check StudentAid.gov for any updates.

What to Expect While in School

While you are in school and enrolled at least half-time, you don't have to make any student loan payments, and you can focus on your studies. It is important to work with your school's financial aid office and keep up with deadlines or other requirements.

If your loans have a standard, six-month grace period, your first payment will be due approximately six months after you graduate or drop to below half-time enrollment.

Learn About the Student Loan Life Cycle

Know What You Owe

  1. Access your Edfinancial Services account online 24/7 by registering for your online account. The registration process is very brief and requires you to input your social security number and date of birth to create a secure online account.
  2. See if you have loans serviced by any other servicers by visiting https://studentaid.gov. You will need your FSA ID to access the information. This is the same login you would have used to fill out your FAFSA® when you applied for federal financial aid. If you don't remember the login information, you can recover it while you're on this site.
  3. Get organized and keep all your student loan documents together - before and after graduation.

Helpful Tip

You are not required to make payments while in school, but if you can afford it, making even small payments can save you interest and lower the total cost of your loans.

Stay in Touch

Address change? New phone number? Newly married? Transferred to a different school? Edfinancial will need to know about any changes so that we can send you periodic updates detailing your outstanding balance, payment due dates, and any important information regarding your student loans.

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Leaving School Early

If you decide to take a break from school or fall below half-time enrollment, any student loans that you have will enter their grace period, unless grace has been exhausted. If this is the case the loan(s) will enter repayment. Consider all of your options and talk with your academic advisor, financial aid counselor, and student loan servicer(s) to find out the effects of leaving school early.

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